Short Sales and REO'S in Riverside County

Short Sales In Riverside And Surrounding Areas, Decide If A Short Sale Is Your Best Option !

Is a Real Estate Short Sale the only alternative to imminent foreclosure?

Lets be clear, Bad things happen to good people. There are many reasons why homeowners in Riverside County, and Surrounding Areas find themselves in a position of default, change in mortgage payments, loss of job, health issues, if you are unable to meet your obligation on your mortgage and you are facing foreclosure Short sale can be your best option.

Please don’t let your house go in foreclosure because everyone else is doing it or just because you hear some bad INFORMATION consider this OPTION as an alternative to FORECLOSURE

Short Sale is the best option for almost all homeowners who are upside down, or are unable to make their mortgage payments.

Let me help you decide if a Real Estate Short sale is your best option, First let me ask you a few questions ;

Have you attempted to refinance or modify your loan and been denied ?

Are You Facing a Foreclosure ?

Do You Want to Postpone Foreclosure ?

Do You Want to Minimize Deficiency Judgments ?

Do You Want to Avoid Future Collections?

Do You Want to Minimize Damage to Your Credit ?

Do You Want a Fresh Start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Short sale can be your is your best option.

There are many residents in Riverside County and Surrounding Areas behind in their mortgage payments and don’t know there are other options besides letting their house end up in foreclosure, most homeowner do not know that a short sale is an option !

There are many Riverside Ca, and Surrounding Areas residents who qualify for a short sale but have no idea what a short sale is, This is why I am started my specialty in Short Sales.

I want to educate homeowners about short sales, so you can understand this as an alternative to foreclosure.

We will go through important information that you need to know before you consider a short sale.

Short sales are becoming the predominant exit strategy for most troubled homeowners.

No one wants to have to sell their home for less than what they owe, especially those who have been working hard for years to build up equity. However, this option is much better than allowing the property to go into foreclosure.

In reality, if a homeowner has received a Notice of Trustee Sale in Riverside Ca, Surrounding areas , there is only a very slim chance that they will be able to pull off a loan modification

What often happens is that the homeowner is strung along for months, before finally being rejected at the last second, days before the auction. At this point they have pretty much run out of all options.

Many homeowners in Riverside Ca, Surrounding Areas find that by the time they learn that these options are not going to work, it is too late to stop the foreclosure and the house goes to auction.

A loan modification is not a guaranteed method to stop the foreclosure, and you need to be prepared for what to do, if you are turned down.

Why Would a Lender Accept a Short Sale in Riverside County, and Surrounding Areas ?

A short sale has a better return on investment to the lender than a foreclosure. They are able to cash out of the loan faster than a foreclosure process. Plus they do not have the legal fees which are normally attached to a foreclosure.

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My name is Cecilia Rodriguez and I am here to help.

Understanding the lenders languages I have a 95 % Success rate through my English is not perfect I do have the expertise to help families avoid foreclosure

If you know somebody who might benefit from talking to me about options to avoid foreclosure, please feel free to call, or pass on my contact information. I want to help as many residents of our Great Riverside County, Surrounding Areas communities as I can to find real solutions to their challenging circumstances.

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